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My teeth went 12 shades lighter with a laser whitening treatment at Fresh Teeth Whitening. My teeth looked bright and white in just a matter of an hour.

– Jenny


While there are various teeth whitening clinics, I have to say this one is par excellence. My best wishes and gratitude to Fresh Teeth Whitening for their services.

– Williams

Teeth whitening in Hertfordshire

At times we are not able to maintain the whiteness of our teeth. It is important to remember that it is not just a matter of oral hygiene that affects the whiteness of the teeth. Our eating habits, formation of plaque, smoking or having tobacco along with few others combined are responsible in causing of discolored or stained teeth. In spite of how we treat our teeth all of us yearn for white teeth and one of the most popular methods of getting white teeth is laser teeth whitening. It is the most popular due to its instant result. The specialists apply the gel on the teeth while making sure that the gums are covered and laser light is shine on the gel so that it seeps through the teeth. This gel breaks down the molecules of the stains that help in revealing shiner and whiter teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the latest methods of teeth whitening. Since it is done by professionals it is given that it will not only be effective but also safe. Only trained professionals are allowed to employ this treatment on clients. It is the most effective treatment as it is the only treatment which provides instant visible results within a span of 60 minutes. This treatment is best for those who have acute gum sensitivity as they donate leave the teeth feeling irritated or sensitive.

Fresh Teeth Whitening clinics cover a wide range in Herts which includes-

We may not realize it in the beginning but a white smile has a positive first impact. It helps creating a favorable impression, everywhere and anywhere you look you can figure out the importance of white teeth. Besides earning the external validation, white teeth also boost up our confidence. For most of us social events have become more than they seem. In such occasions white teeth is a must. These social events have a long stand impact especially when we have some sort of reminder associated with them that is why getting teeth whitened becomes even more important before weddings, dates, job interviews, reunions etc.

We at Fresh Teeth Whitening specialize in laser teeth whitening treatment. Our team of highly trained professionals know that the client’s are the top priority so they spend time with them answering all their questions making sure that they understand the procedure and have no questions left. It is only after getting proper approval from them that we go ahead with the treatment. Backed by years of experience only makes sure that we know what we are doing and provide the safest treatment in the hands of experienced staff. Our aim at Fresh Teeth Whitening clinic is not just to fulfill our client’s expectation but to exceed them.