1 hour laser teeth whitening Coventry – Fresh whitening Coventry

1 hour whitening Coventry

No hassle – As a customer other than relaxing we do all the work

Powerful – Because the laser light activates the whitening gel faster this means more staining is released in less time.


At Fresh we understand that because of work, family and your lifestyle there is not always the time to get your teeth whiten at a dentist or whitening clinic during the core office hours in the week.
We offer you a new flexible way of getting your teeth whitened in your own home offering you exactly the same treatment that you would receive at a dentist or whitening clinic.

Another reason is you do not drive or want to go to a clinic to have your teeth whitened and with Fresh you get a clinic treatment in the comfort of your home.

•    Kids – if you have kids then it can be sometimes difficult getting to the dentist or to a whitening clinic.  Having your teeth whitened at home at a convenient time that suits you makes perfect sense.
•    Working – some of us have to work a long hour day or work shifts and find it hard to see our dentist or visit a whitening clinic then Fresh visit you.
•    Drive – For customers who dont drive or dont own a car Fresh offers laser teeth whitening at home which could be your ideal solution.
•    Relaxed – Going to a dentist can be abit stressful for some of us.  New environments can make you feel uneasy.  Having your laser teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of your home is a perfect stress solution.
•    Disability – if you have a disability then visiting a dentist or whitening clinic might be that straight forward and therefore having laser teeth whitening done at home is the easier option.
•    Discreet – We have discreet vehicles and therefore none of your neighbours will know you are having your teeth whitened.

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