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Standard brushing alone is just not good enough to remove all of the staining.Home teeth whitening kits are not the answer as they are unregulated, leading to concerns over quality and safety, and do not take into account any existing oral problems. In short the results are too unpredictable.

No the answer is laser teeth whitening, a fast, safe, and non invasive method with instant results and which unlike some other methods leads to low/no teeth sensitivity, and what little there is, is only short lived. Before the procedure can take place you have a thorough history and oral examination taken by a specialist.

A teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and a barrier is applied to the gums giving them full protection. The gel contains oxygen ions which when released lift the stains away from the tooth enamel. Laser light is directed onto the gel speeding up the release of the oxygen and removing the stains leading to whiter teeth faster. The gel removes the staining from the tooth enamel making the affected areas whiter by up to ten shades.

This process is carried out under specialist care, taking around an hour to complete. It is completely safe, open to both young and old. It is non invasive, fast, causing no gum irritation, and the process is caused by the activation of the oxygen in the gel which lifts the stains from your teeth leaving them whiter and brighter naturally.


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