Laser teeth whitening the FRESH way

Find out why customers choose Fresh Teeth Whitening for their laser teeth whitening treatment.

Why Choose Fresh Whitening?

The fastest way to get your teeth whiten with amazing results in just one hour – FRESH teeth whitening.

Reasons to choose FRESH?

  • All results are guaranteed to whiten and brighten the teeth – this may be up to 12 shades.
  • Long lasting whitening treatment – A full one hours treatment
  • Future top-up treatments only £125
  • Low chance of sensitivity
  • Convenient appointment times to suit you

Mobile Whitening Makes Sense

At Fresh, we can offer you a way of getting your teeth whitened at home receiving the same treatment that you would have at a teeth whitening clinic.

Another reason is you do not drive or want to go to a clinic to have your teeth whitened and with Fresh, you get a clinic treatment in the comfort of your home.

  • Work – Working long hours may make it difficult to fit in appointments. Fresh will come to you at a time that suits.
  • Driving – If you cannot drive or do not have a car to get out to a local clinic that offers teeth whitening then Fresh offering a solution.
  • Relaxed – Teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home is a perfect stress-free environment you are comfortable in.
  • Disability – if you have a disability then visiting a dentist or whitening clinic might be that straightforward and therefore having laser teeth whitening done at home is the easier option.
  • Discreet – We have discreet vehicles and therefore none of your neighbours will know you are having your teeth whitened.

Laser teeth whitening the FRESH way – Fresh Mobile Whitening

We make have a whiter smile easier and more accessible as we have clinics all over the UK. If you dont want to wait weeks for a new whiter smile then our treatment is perfect for you as it takes one hour and the results are instant so why wait give us a try and we promise you wont be disappointed.
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