Fresh Laser Teeth Whitening Coventry area

Fast acting – It takes just one treatment and one hour to work

Instant – Once the treatment is finished you can see the results, up to 12 shades on vita shade guide.

Low sensitivity – We have a proven lower sensitivity rate than Zoom because we do not use peroxides to whiten the teeth.

No hassle – As a customer other than relaxing we do all the work

Powerful – Because the laser light activates the whitening gel faster this means more staining is released in less time.


At Fresh we understand that because of work, family and your lifestyle there is not always the time to get your teeth whiten at a dentist or whitening clinic during the core office hours in the week.

We offer you a new flexible way of getting your teeth whitened in your own home offering you exactly the same treatment that you would receive at a dentist or whitening clinic.

Another reason is you do not drive or want to go to a clinic to have your teeth whitened and with Fresh you get a clinic treatment in the comfort of your home.

  •  if you have kids then it can be sometimes difficult getting to the dentist or to a whitening clinic.  Having your teeth whitened at home at a convenient time that suits you makes perfect sense.
  • Working, some of us have to work a long hour day or work shifts and find it hard to see our dentist or visit a whitening clinic then Fresh visit you.
  • For customers who dont drive or dont own a car Fresh offers laser teeth whitening at home which could be your ideal solution.
  • Going to a dentist can be abit stressful for some of us.  New environments can make you feel uneasy. Having your laser teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of your home is a perfect stress solution.
  •   Disability, if you have a disability then visiting a dentist or whitening clinic might be that straight forward and therefore having laser teeth whitening done at home is the easier option.
  •   Discreet, We have discreet vehicles and therefore none of your neighbours will know you are having your teeth whitened.

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Fresh Whitening Your Teeth-Laser Teeth Whitening Coventry

It is often believed that the brighter and whiter a smile is, the younger and happier a person will feel. Who would not want the perfect white dazzling teeth? Well, it’s undeniable that no one wants discoloured dentals. Everyone relishes the chance of being with more astounding and whiter teeth. It reflects a better dental hygiene and the perfect smile making a person more attractive. However, many people in the world suffer from teeth discolouration, which has become quite a problem.

This can be as a result of the following factors:

  • The type of food consumed. Some foods and drinks tend to the teeth surface. This includes tea, coffee, and red wine. Smoking also largely contributes to teeth staining.

  • Environmental factors in which people reside. For instance, there is water which contains lots of chloride and fluoride chemicals which in most cases lead to the discolouration of teeth.
  • The age factor whereas people ages the natural glow of the teeth continues to fade. According to research, most people grow older, the more that their teeth become discoloured.

Even those who floss, brush and visit their dentists on a regular basis may find that, despite adhering to this, the above factors still may contribute to discolouration of their teeth. A dental discolouration is more of a reason that makes people to shy away from smiling, thus making them look unhygienic, gloomier and unattractive to some extent.

Tooth whitening Coventry, however, is a very effective method of lightening the natural colour of a person’s teeth and does not involve any removal of the tooth surface. However, as effective as it is, it is not guaranteed to give teeth a complete colour change, but it may brighten the existing shades. Today, there are more teeth whitening options than before. These treatments, however, can be done in two ways; at home and in-office treatment options. More people are now trying tooth whitening treatments to lighten their teeth using those two treatment options. With the advancement of technology, more advanced whitening options are being developed.

Tooth Whitening Options Coventry

More treatment options than ever before exist currently, which provides a wide variety of customers to choose from. However, this options often differ in many aspects ranging from the costs charged, ease of use, its effectiveness and type of whitening option available. Results, however, will depend on a person’s dental health and the type of treatment option chosen.

These whitening options include:

  • Zoom teeth whitening Coventry- It is a whitening procedure that is considered to be faster and more efficient. It involves the use of whitening gels which aid in removing tough stains. It’s a process that takes less than an hour to be completed. Zoom is also customizable which allows a client to the shade of white they prefer.
  • Whitening pens- also known as brush-on tooth whiteners, they are a type of teeth bleaching product. It involves painting bleaching gels directly onto the visible surface of each tooth using a brush or a pen.
  • Bleaching trays Coventry- It is easy to use and is considered effective. Bleaching trays are made to fit a person’s upper and lower teeth. A whitening gel is first placed in the trays, and then they are placed on to the users’ teeth surface for a prescribed period.
  • Teeth whitening strips- They are very easy to apply. A single treatment involves two strips; the first strip is placed on the top of the front teeth, and the other is placed on the bottom.
  • Home kits- This is ideal for patients who would like to whiten their teeth on their own preferred time. This includes toothpaste and whitening gels which are applied using toothbrushes or pens.

However, there is one teeth whitening procedure which has been developed and has proven to be far much effective and efficient than all the above teeth whitening options. It is known as laser teeth whitening.

Laser Teeth Whitening Coventry

This is the latest current dentistry fad, and it’s very effective. It has, without a doubt, turned to be the saviour for people who seek whitening options which are more efficient and quicker in making them attain gleaming white teeth. The procedure is readily available nearby you and can also be done at customer’s home. This is what has made this whitening procedure more famous and why more people prefer to go through this procedure.

There are several cons associated with laser teeth whitening procedures, and they include:

  • Fast- Laser teeth whitening is a quick procedure and involves the use of lasers to fasten the chemical reaction of the whitening solution. This whitens a customer’s teeth in a shorter period than any other teeth whitening option out there. It can make teeth up to six shades lighter.
  • Painless- The procedure is usually painless. However, it has to be done under dental supervision.
  • Instant results- The results from laser whitening treatment are visible in just a few hours, making it the quickest dental whitening treatment ever. It provides a more long-lasting whitening effect which will leave a person happier with a whiter smile for a long period.
  • Safe- The treatment is preferably safe and has to be done strictly under dental supervision. It involves safe procedures with no harm of any kind to the client.
  • Cost effective-The laser treatment from Fresh Coventry is very cost-effective over a longer period. One single treatment is expensive but the whitening results that will be achieved will last longer making it a cheap option, and the next treatment a person will require will be after a long time.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Worth It?
Customers, even more, prefer laser treatment procedure due to its ability to deal with several problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and teeth whitening. Is it worth it? Only one answer fits this question, yes! You will not regret using this treatment. The results are astonishing, a flawless whiter smile, and the speed of the procedure is convenient as well. The confidence level will be ultimate after having undergone laser teeth whitening.

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