A Fresher Look this Summer

A Fresher Look this Summer

A Fresher Look this Summer

Summer holiday is here, and it is time to have fun with our families and friends. However, it may become embracing, or you may fear to smile publicly, because of the yellow enamel on your teeth. You do not have to worry anymore; Fresh Teeth Whitening has come with your solution, and they are offering best teeth whitening services. The process of teeth whitening takes a few minutes, and you will have the confidence to flash a smile to your friends.

Packages and offers

Prices of the teeth whitening in Fresh, are considerate to your wallet, and several options of packages you can choose: An individual package; you can have your enamel cleaned in our clinics, situated in different locations all over the country. Before the treatment, we first examine your teeth and gums, to determine the suitability of the treatment. Moreover, we explain to you the procedures to be undertaken, and also show you the possible results of your teeth, after treatment. Pair treatment; we are offering a package for two people, and the price is lower than the charge of a person. For you to qualify for this treatment, you and your partner will have to undergo the treatment at the same time: same date and clinic. Booking of the package is either online or at the hospital, after which the officers will call you to inform you of the appointment time. Additionally, we have a Three-People treatment, where you can book the treatment at a considerate lower price, than in a pair package. The three will undergo the treatment; if they attend the same clinic, and if their appointment date is the same. A three package will be useful when done at your home, and without incurring extra costs. Member of the same family or close friend can book for this appointment, as the treatment will be within your privacies.

In this summer, we are giving you an exclusive offer: first-class service Laser Teeth Whitening, where you can get your treatment at a lower rate than in other packages. The offer will assist you in saving money, and you can use it in doing other things of importance, during your summer holiday.

Benefits of choosing Fresh Teeth Whitening as your partner

In Fresh Teeth whitening, we have great experience in teeth whitening treatments, as we have been in the sector for many years, benefiting many clients in brightening their smiles. The results of teeth whitening are a guarantee, and the whole procedure will take an hour. Additionally, the results of our services are long-lasting, and the effects can go up to eighteen months, of course with good maintenance.

We are offering future top-up treatments to our customers; at a lower price, and hence boosting our client relationship. Furthermore, we are offering mobile services, where you can have your treatment done at your home. Mobile treatment is an advantage, as you will have the treatment at your comfort, consequently, reducing chances of sensitivity.

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