How Often Teeth Whitening UK

 How Often Teeth Whitening UK?

Typically a session takes no more than an hour to complete and you only need a single treatment. After having your teeth laser whitened you will need to eat what is called a white diet for a couple of days to prevent re-staining your teeth. After whitening, the pores in your teeth are opened and they are more susceptible to staining. It just means avoiding anything that could stain your teeth such as curry, red wine, cola’s and so on. For most people the effects of laser teeth whitening is going to last for twelve to twenty four months, so a year or two. Exactly how long it lasts will depend upon your diet and lifestyle.

Smokers and people who consume food and drink that is high in artificial colours or stain teeth will need their teeth whitened more often than someone who does not. If you have fillings, caps, crowns or veneers then you can still use laser teeth whitening and it will last for around the same length of time. The laser will not make the fillings, veneers, crowns or caps whiter than they were when they were put in, so you may need to get them replaced with lighter ones if you are going to get regular teeth whitening. In most cases, you can leave it a year or two between your teeth whitening sessions, depending upon your diet and lifestyle.


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