Laser Whitening FAQ’s – Teeth whitening questions

Answering your smile questions

How long should I expect the laser teeth whitening to last?
This will depend on your eating and drinking habits as well as your lifestyle.  It should last you up to 24 months.

What Is the Cost for extra teeth whitening treatments in the future?
If you would like further treatments in the future the cost is just £95 for a top up treatment. Tops ups are only as a follow up after your full teeth whitening treatment.

How Often Can I have Laser teeth whitening?
To keep your teeth looking white and bright you can have your teeth whitened about once a year or every two years.

Why would I need my teeth whitened?
Teeth whitening is a brilliant way to lift stains off the surface of the teeth.  These stains could be from coffee, tea, smoking and other foods and drinks.  Brushing alone will not lift these stains.  Whiter teeth will give you confidence and a great smile!

How can I increase the time the teeth stay white?
If you visit your dentist and have a good dental care routine this will help to increase the time your teeth stay white.  Also avoiding staining foods and drinks helps as well.

Laser teeth whitening questions

What is laser teeth whitening?
Laser teeth whitening is a treatment that will remove the stains from your teeth restoring them back to their own natural whiter shade.

How many times can I have my teeth whitened?
You can have our whitening treatment up to 3 times a year.

Is the whitening procedure safe?
Yes the treatment is safe it must be performed by a trained specialist that will insure that your teeth and gums are well looked after.  You may get some short term sensitivity after the treatment but this will not last long.

Will teeth whitening make my bridges, venners and crowns whiter?
Your crowns, bridges or veneers will whiten and the stains will be lifted off but they will not whiten beyond the original color that they were matched to when you first had them fitted.  

Can I whiten my teeth if I have gum problems?
It is always advised that you visit your dentist if you should have any gum or teeth problems and concerns before you consider having your teeth whitened.

What is the minimum age for having this treatment?
It is law that you must be 18 years and older to have your teeth whitened.

Can you have a laser whitening treatment whilst I am pregnant or whilst I am nursing? 
No it is not advisable to have your teeth whitened during the nursing period or pregnancy.

Booking an appointment questions

How do I book a laser teeth whitening appointment?
Please call us on 03300 100 326 and leave your contact details. We will return your call and will answer any questions your have firstly then we can arrange an appointment time and date that suits you.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, we have no hidden costs the price that is advertised is what you will pay we do not try to up sell or add any extras costs on.  

How long do I need to wait for an appointment?
Most appointments are booked a few days in advanced.  We do try to be be flexible with appointment times that fit in around your day.

Could I have a weekend or evening appointments?
We do offer evening or weekend appointments, yes. 

Will there be an extra charge for weekends and evening appointments?
No there is not extra cost for a weekend or evening appointment.

What methods of payment do you take?
Payment is taken after the treatment and you can pay by debit card, credit or we can take cash payments.

Whitening at home questions

What do I need to supply to Fresh when whitening at home?
All we need at Fresh is a enough space for a couch, power supply and reasonable lighting.  Usually a lounge living space is ideal.
Why don’t you have clinics?
By offering this service at home we can keep the costs down.  The treatment and service is exactly the same as it would be at a clinic.

Do you have Fresh teeth whitening on your vehicle?
No, our vehicles do not have sign writing on them so no one will know your are having your teeth whitened!!
How long are you here?
The treatment takes about 90 minutes this will include the consultation before the treatment.

If you have any further questions please call us today on 03300 100 326 and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

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