My Teeth Were Naturally Yellow Will Teeth Whitening Make A Difference?

A whitening consultant conducts teeth laser procedures. After accessing the shade of your teeth, this professional takes up to 60 minutes to whiten them. This method is faster than other methods which require more time. Laser treatment registers instant results. After  the process has been finalized, patients are able to notice an improvement of up to 10 shades. The whitening consultant goes on to advice patients on follow up maintenance. Patients are advised to use a straw for drinks such as cola and coffee. They should rinse their teeth after taking such beverages and avoid smoking cigarettes.

Contrary to popular belief, laser procedures use light which emits ultra violet light which reacts with the gel applied to patients’ teeth.  Since the treatment is fast and provides instant results, there is no need for patients to be non-evasive during the healing period. However, during the first 72 hours, the pores of teeth are vulnerable and patients are advised against staining substances. Laser treatment is very safe and there are no risks involved in the procedure.

There are other teeth whitening procedures that arent as fast and effective.  Laser treatment is fast, instant, risk free and safe. Laser treatment is slowly gaining acceptance in the large populace of individuals with discolored teeth. No wonder this treatment is now cheaper and getting popular all over the world.


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