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Smile Whitening Oxford from Fresh!

It is made up of whitening specialists who use a state of the art teeth whitening laser system to perform a one hour treatment. Laser teeth whitening treatment’s are offered both at the comfort of your home or at our clinics nationwide.

Features and benefits of laser teeth whitening treatment at Oxford clinic

– Saves Money: unlike other teeth whitening clinics, we do not charge large overheads and thus, our fees are cheaper.
– Flexibility: our dedicated specialists are always ready to offer their services like during weekends and evenings.
– Effectiveness: laser teeth whitening treatment always works perfectly on shades between 6-12 depending on the teeth are before the treatments begins.
– Its relaxing: its always relaxing to have treatments at your home than going to some unfamiliar place. before after oxford laser teeth whitening
– Guaranteed safety: laser teeth whitening treatment has been used for many years and is recommended by dentists. Additionally, all our whitening consultants are highly trained and qualified to perform the treatment.
– Instant results: unlike other teeth whitening treatments, laser whitening treatment offers instant result within an hour.
– Long term results: laser teeth whitening treatments offer long term results thus, saves cost and time significantly.

Laser teeth whitening treatment is a simple but powerful technique that utilizes the principle of light energy harnessing to accelerate effective teeth whitening.

The best part about it is that it can be performed at the comfort of your home and still obtain the same instant and satisfying results. Our Oxford clinic is perfectly positioned for Banbury, Bicester, Charlbury, Thame, Witney, Henley and Wantage.

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To get that million dollar smile just dial 03300 100 326 and book an appointment at the Oxford clinic.

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