Teeth Whitening Training – Business Opportunity – Supply and Partnership

Are you in the teeth whitening industry in UK?

If so, Fresh Teeth Whitening are the partners for you. Our company has been in the teeth whitening industry for a long time. Through our extensive scientific research, we have gained a lot of experience in teeth whitening.

Our company is looking for partners to team up with, in the teeth whitening industry. If you are an existing company or just starting out on the industry, you are the partner we are looking for. We offer a complete support system to all our partners. We provision everything from set up, supplying products, training, and introducing new customers to your business.

At Fresh Teeth Whitening, we do not sell franchises. Our partners are not entirely tied to us. We offer more than just a day’s training to our partners. Our current partners are a few selected companies, dental practices, and individuals.

New in the Industry?

If you are a new person in the teeth cleaning business, we offer you market advice. We clarify on all laws governing the practice of teeth cleaning in UK. We also become your remarkable supplier of teeth whitening products for you. We offer essential guidelines of generating new business to your enterprise.

Dental Practices

Our company works with dental practices in different ways. We focus in marketing and increasing the sales volume for dental practices. We also offer the best training services to the owners of such practices. We have a large customer base for our products. We direct some of our customers to our dental practice partners.

Existing Companies

If you are an established company that wishes to partner with us, we help in supplying your products. We retrain your staff for free to enhance their performance levels. We also supply new customers to your establishment.

Why Partner With Us?

First, we use non-peroxide products in teeth whitening. This makes our products absolutely safe to use. The products are also highly effective. Secondly, all our treatments are self-administrating. Our customers administer the teeth cleaning treatment on their own which ensures that they do not breach the dentistry Act. This way, we refrain from upsetting the GDC!

So if you are a newbie, dental practices, or company, come partner with us. Escalate the success of your business in no time! We are the right partner for you.

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