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What is laser teeth whitening?

Laser whitening is a great way of making your teeth whiter and more appealing. Whether looking for that radiant smile, laser teeth whitening has become popular with average people looking for something extra. The notion that it belongs to rich and famous has been deemed untrue as services are now available in Peterborough. The procedure takes just take about an hour to transform your teeth to the former white bright colour.

Why laser teeth whitening is the best option
Laser teeth whitening can now be done at home. Hence it will save you resources you would other wise use when you seek alternative whitening methods. Secondly, when the procedure is done at home, it is more relaxing rather than visiting unfamiliar places. Additionally, the process can be conducted at your convenience. The method is fast and safe compared to other procedures, once the procedure is started it takes just 45 minutes.

What other options do customers have?

Crest whitening strips teeth whitening Peterborough
Crest whitening strips are self-applied effective strips for whitening teeth. They are formulated with safe enamel whitening agent like the ones used by the dentist. White strips deliver professional white teeth. Secondly, they are highly efficient and can be applied at home while removing 14 years of stains. After application, the white teeth can remain white for 12 months or more. Moreover, the strip takes the shape of your teeth; the mould is designed to come off cleanly. They are safe to use whether you are drinking water, walking, talking or while working.

Dentists bleaching trays teeth whitening Peterborough

Whitening trays is a device that is custom fitted in the mouth by a dentist. Unlike whitening gel which irritates after the gel leaks out, trays are adequately tightened on your teeth. The trays specifically fit your mouth avoiding problems caused by other whitening devices/solution.

Customed made trays are the most recommended whitening devices as they do not cause irritation and whitens the teeth better. The dentists normally clean your teeth and treat any existing problems like decay or gum disease. Next, is to make your custom tray based on your teeth mould.

Zoom whitening

Zoom whitening is a bleaching procedure that quickly brightens your teeth from discolouration. The process starts with the cleaning of your teeth and then the treatment takes about an hour. At first, The gum and lips are covered, and then the dentist applies hydrogen peroxide zoom gel. Zoom gel penetrates the teeth to break up the discolouration and stains.

Why having the treatment done at home is easier and more private

Teeth whitening Peterborough home remedy is the most convenient teeth whitening process. It’s offers you privacy in more familiar surroundings as well as its also done as per your availability. Laser technology is also not evasive unlike whitening gels, your gums and lips do not need to be covered as the laser beams are pointed to the affected teeth. Moreover, it will save transport costs.

Laser teeth whitening is thus available and accessible to everyone and very useful than bleaching procedures. The process can last for as long as one hour depending on the staining level and patients comfort. Its fast and results are instant and dramatic.
One of the most tangible benefits of laser teeth whitening is it is less damaging to the teeth. The damage caused by such methods like whitening gels and bleaching has far-reaching consequences on the gums and lips.

Towns and cities around Peterborough

Peterborough is a city in east England commonly referred as a green city. It is has a flourishing dentistry industry, a characteristic shared by nearby cities like Cambridge, Kettering, Stamford, Uppingham, Corby, Huntingdon etc.

Why customers have the treatment and how it benefits them?

Teeth whitening increases confidence, you feel more appealing approaching people laughing with ease and even going for that interview with confidence. All this treatment can be achieved at the comfort of your home in Peterborough. Nothing is more memorable than a wonderful wedding or an event, your smiles and appealing white teeth make the wedding sparkling. Take your holidays with pressure; you do not have to hide anymore
You do not have to hide your smile any more teeth whitening is liberating and boosts your confidence!

White teeth is not just for the rich and famous – Now you can have a smile makeover in Peterborough

Laser teeth whitening is safe and works very well to whiten the teeth back to their former White, bright colour in just one hour.

Why it makes sense to have laser teeth whitening done at home

PETERBOROUGH teeth whitening

We specialise in just laser whitening and have done since 2007 and our team of cosmetic whitening specialists take time before each treatment to explain the process in our consultation. This type of service is rare, trust us!

It saves you money- we do not have large overheads and therefore it costs you less than a dentist for a similar treatment.

Its more relaxing – going to an u familiar surrounding is more stressful than having the treatment at home

It’s flexible – we can offer out of hours appointments including evenings and weekends to suit.

It works – we can always whiten the teeth somewhere between 6-12 shades depending on how stained your teeth are before the treatment.

It’s fast – once we have set up the whitening equipment we are only there for just over one hour.

It’s our specialism – we do not offer tanning, nails, skin treatments or anything else only laser teeth whitening.

It’s fresh – save the embarrassment of having laser whitening in a shopping centre.

It’s safe – laser teeth whitening has been around for nearly 10 years and if it was unsafe why are dentists offering the same treatment?

It’s cheaper – if you book with a friend or family member. See our current offers >>> click here

There are many benefits that come along with laser teeth whitening. When teeth begin to look yellow and dingy, many people go out to seek some types of treatments. Not all treatments are as effective. Laser teeth whitening is just one of those methods that are available for anyone. It is way more effective than bleaching products that you may use at home. In just one single session, laser teeth whitening can result in a dramatic effect. Some of these sessions can last as long as 60 minutes depending on customer comfort and depth of staining. They are fast and you can see results instantly.
Another benefit of laser whitening is that it is less damaging to your teeth. Softening and even weakening of the teeth and gum line can result from methods such as bleaching. During laser teeth whitening, a gel or even a rubber shield is placed on the gums to help protect against sensitivity. No other over the counter teeth whitening kits say how long they are going to remain effective. They just wont whiten the teeth as well.

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