Will my teeth look straighter after teeth whitening?

If you have stained teeth because of smoking, drinking coffee, eating dark foods that will make your teeth stain or you desire to have whiter teeth so as to brighten your smile, you may opt for various teeth whitening treatments such as using whitening gels, putting veneers or using laser whitening treatments. Laser whitening is one of the easiest, effective and less painful ways of having your teeth whitened.

The way it is done is by using a gel which is applied on your teeth then a low power laser is used to whiten your teeth. The laser beam gets rid of the stains in the teeth and also enables the whitening gel to penetrate the teeth faster and effectively so that your teeth are whiter in a short time. The procedure lasts for about an hour and it is painless.

The advantages of using laser whitening are a number and some of them are that it is a fast procedure and immediately it is done, you will see the results. With whitening toothpastes and gels, you need to use them over a sustained period of time to see the results. You do not need follow up visits and once it is done, you donation need to go see your whitening consultant until the next time you are having your teeth whitened. It is not painful and you will not need any recovery time. However, for two days after the procedure is done, you are advised to avoid eating or drinking dark coloured foods and drinks. This is because your teeth are more porous and taking dark coloured foods and drinks will cause them to be stained more easily.

When you have your teeth whitened using laser, the effects can last for a year or two years depending on your lifestyle such as if you smoke, if you drink a lot of coffee or if your diet contains a lot of foods that are teeth staining. Brush your teeth frequently especially after meals so that your teeth do not stain as fast.

Your teeth may not look straighter after whitening since they will not be corrected in any way as the laser just removes the stain. To correct crooked teeth, you will need to wear braces or have the crooked teeth straightened surgically. You will need to see a dentist to correct teeth that are not straight.


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