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Why it makes sense to have laser teeth whitening done at home

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We specialise in just laser whitening and have done since 2007 and our team of cosmetic whitening specialists take time before each treatment to explain the process in our consultation. This type of service is rare, trust us!

It saves you money- we do not have large overheads and therefore it costs you less than a dentist for a similar treatment.

Its more relaxing – going to an u familiar surrounding is more stressful than having the treatment at home

It’s flexible – we can offer out of hours appointments including evenings and weekends to suit.

It works – we can always whiten the teeth somewhere between 6-12 shades depending on how stained your teeth are before the treatment.

It’s fast – once we have set up the whitening equipment we are only there for just over one hour.

It’s our specialism – we do not offer tanning, nails, skin treatments or anything else only laser teeth whitening.

It’s fresh – save the embarrassment of having laser whitening in a shopping centre.

It’s safe – laser teeth whitening has been around for nearly 10 years and if it was unsafe why are dentists offering the same treatment?

It’s cheaper – if you book with a friend or family member. See our current offers >>> click here

There are many benefits that come along with laser teeth whitening. When teeth begin to look yellow and dingy, many people go out to seek some types of treatments. Not all treatments are as effective. Laser teeth whitening is just one of those methods that are available for anyone. It is way more effective than bleaching products that you may use at home. In just one single session, laser teeth whitening can result in a dramatic effect. Some of these sessions can last as long as 60 minutes depending on customer comfort and depth of staining. They are fast and you can see results instantly.
Another benefit of laser whitening is that it is less damaging to your teeth. Softening and even weakening of the teeth and gum line can result from methods such as bleaching. During laser teeth whitening, a gel or even a rubber shield is placed on the gums to help protect against sensitivity. No other over the counter teeth whitening kits say how long they are going to remain effective. They just wont whiten the teeth as well.

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Fresh mobile teeth whitening Banbury, Bicester and Oxford.

You have so many options to have your teeth whitened in Banbury, Bicester and Oxford – it can be hard to choose the method that suits you best. If you are thinking of whitening your teeth then it is likely you have been self-conscious about them for a while, or you have a special event coming up that you want to look your best for. Whatever it is that is prompting you to do some research on the different costs, effectiveness and side effects of the different ways you can whiten your teeth; you will still be looking to get the best result for your needs.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Banbury, Bicester and Oxford

Zoom teeth whitening is a method that has been around for a long time and is often classed as one of the first teeth whitening treatments that became available. Zoom procedures are carried out by using a peroxide gel directly on the tooth and then using a UV light to accelerate the peroxide and make it whiten teeth to the best of its ability. Although many home kits utilise this practice nowadays having a zoom treatment in an actual clinic can still be expensive. The procedure itself should not cause any pain, but the peroxide can hurt the teeth for a few days after, as it makes them have a higher sensitivity.

Bleaching Trays Banbury, Bicester and Oxford

Bleaching trays are a very basic form of whitening that can be used at home. A home bleaching tray kit will often include a mould that can be fitted into the shape of your teeth by using boiling water to soften it and then letting it cool down while it is in your mouth. Once you have performed this task, you can then use the bleach in the mould as often as you want to as long as it falls within the restrictions on the packaging. Bleaching is another method that shouldn’t hurt in theory, but peroxide can make some peoples teeth sensitive.

Whitening Pens

Whitening pens give anyone looking to whiten their teeth quickly a good solution without having to go through a lengthy process and use loads of different parts of a home teeth whitening kit. Depending on the formula they are made up of they may or may not contain peroxide. The idea is that the pen comprises a liquid that whitens teeth more instantly than other bleaching products that have to be left on for a long period. Teeth whitening pens vary in effectiveness as it is often the case that saliva on the gums washes off the gel or the liquid before it gets a chance to work properly.

Whitening strips Banbury, Bicester and Oxford

Teeth whitening strips are another form of teeth whitening that is aimed at being quicker than the traditional methods. Most whitening strips nowadays are dissolvable, and they can be quite effective, but the effects do not last a very long time. The strip itself has a chemical on it that performs whitening of the tooth enamel over the course of a certain number of days. Most whitening strip courses run over a week to two weeks with the strips needing to be applied one to two times per day. Quick fixes like whitening strips can give the outward appearance of working in the short term, but it is probable that any of the ones available on the market give a long-term effect as they simply are not strong enough.

Home Kits

Home teeth whitening kits can contain a mixture of all of the previously mentioned products. Many full kits include bleach, a mould, an activator and a UV light. Much like Zoom whitening, the peroxide is enhanced by using a UV light after it has been applied to make your teeth look whiter. Teeth whitening kits in the UK usually follow a three-step process. First you apply the bleach to your teeth (either using or not using a mould), then you use the activator which helps to get the best out of the way the chemical and the UV light react with each other, and then the last step is pointing the UV light at your teeth for a certain period.

Laser Whitening Banbury, Bicester and Oxford

Laser whitening has emerged as one of the real winners of all of the ways to whiten teeth in the last few years – mostly due to its lack of peroxide used. Laser whitening treatment works in two steps. First, the technician will apply a barrier to your gums to protect them from the whitening treatment. The whitening procedure is not bleach based but can sometimes irritate the gum. Once this has been done a solution is carefully applied to your teeth using a syringe. The final step is the activation of the compound with a laser.

This is a lot more effective than a UV light, and because the laser instrument is shaped like a pen, it is a lot more targeted to specific areas of the tooth that need whitening. Laser whitening has seen an increase in popularity recently as many people are conscious of the detrimental effect of peroxide on teeth. As no harsh chemicals are used it is also highly unlikely to have any impact on teeth sensitivity – many people go for laser whitening treatments on their lunch break then return to work straight after.

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