Teeth Whitening for Leamington Spa area

Teeth Whitening for Leamington Spa area

Teeth Whitening for Leamington Spa area

Are your workmates, friends or family members shunning you because of the yellow enamel on your teeth? Fresh Teeth Whitening clinic has a solution for you, and it is offering effective and cost-efficient teeth whitening for Leamington Spa area, in Warwickshire. Also, the clinic has other outlets in Bedworth, Coleshill, Southam, Nuneaton and Stratford.

To book Leamington Spa services, contact our customer care in our various outlets, including in Atherstone, Alcester and Coventry. Besides, you can reserve an appointment online with your name, telephone number, and an email address.

Cost of Teeth Whitening for Leamington Spa Area

Whitening prices in the Spa area are classified according to the number of persons per appointment, and the packages include the following:

One Person Treatment

In a one-person package, the procedure is performed on an individual, and the specialist will offer a professional consultation before the therapy. Examining the teeth, gums and the VITA shade process will be carried out at this stage, where the dentist examines the suitability of the treatment and the potential results of the whitening. A one-person offer will cost you £159.00, which is a reduction in price from £199.00.

Treatment for Two People

Leamington Spa clinic is providing a package for two people, where the individuals will undergo the treatment at the cost of £290.00, and with no extra charges. However, both persons must book similar dates of the appointment, and at the same clinic. Treatment for Three Persons

A three-individual package is the most cost-effective offer in our clinic, and the treatment costs £390.00, but the three will qualify for the whitening service only when they book the appointment at the same location and dates.

Why Teeth Whitening for Leamington Spa Area?

Whitening services at Leamington clinic are efficient, and the results of the therapy are a guarantee, up to 10 shades whiter. We are using modern equipment to perform the procedure; therefore, realizing excellent outcomes within one hour. Also, the effects of the treatment are long-lasting, and you will experience a bright white look on your teeth up to two years.

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Additionally, our dentists are insured professionals and are delivering high-quality services. Teeth whitening treatment does not involve pain and is safe as it does not cause damage to the enamel or the gums.

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