Teeth whitening in Bolton

From elders to baby boomers, everyone is just desires to have a brighter smile. Your smile is just one of the best compliments you get from the people because it is the first things that they notice. Flawless bright smiles indicate a good health, vigor and yes of course your beauty too. Over time, your teeth might get up to one to two shades darker. The color pigments inside the tooth can become more prominent as the dentin structure beneath the enamel starts growing. You may consider the enamel as a translucent glass along with the dentin structure that shines through underneath which provides the tooth color. However, genetics play a major role in the darkening the color of your tooth extrinsically and intrinsically, yet environmental factors along with the oral hygiene and the nutrition, also keep contributing to the shade of our teeth.

The teeth whitening craze started only a decade back, when strips and professional whitening products were introduced to the people, creating a new industry overnight. Since then, over a million of users have whitened their teeth with these products. In this era of technology, the techniques have been evolving as per the user’s convenience. What you used to call a light shade ages ago, is now referred to as a pale yellow today. To help people visualize their results; Fresh teeth whitening in Bolton provides laser teeth whitening treatments to meet the whitening expectations that we have today. This is the most effective whitening technique.

There are a few facts that might help you know a little more about the laser teeth whitening procedures.

  • The higher the concentration of the whitening gel, the more whitening oxygen is released which provides you instant whitening effect after the treatment.
  • The success of the treatment depends primarily on the following factors: the amount of time for which the gel is applied to the teeth and the consistency. This makes the laser treatment one of the most sought after treatments.
  • The whitening abrasives in the gel break down to water and whitening, after getting exposed to the laser light it provides instant whitening effect. This treatment doesn’t cause any irritation.

Now that you are known to the facts of the oral care treatments which ensure the teeth whitening, you may also consider looking at the various kinds of procedures. Professional whitening procedures are helpful in providing the most efficacious results as per the patient’s demands.

With Fresh teeth whitening, you may find the most convenient methods of getting a brilliant white smile. Here, we offer you the oral care treatments which save your money and are more relaxing than any other treatment that you commit to. Also, being flexible, we provide you the professional guidance with which you can take an oral treatment at home as well. However, with laser treatment you may get a better result under expert guidance and it is fast, safe and cheaper.

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