Teeth whitening in Preston

Laser Teeth whitening techniques can be very effective for lighting the natural color of the teeth without even removing any of the teeth surface. This pain free treatment can lighten your teeth color up to 12 shades. There are a lot of reasons while aspire you to get your teeth whitened as everyone has different teeth shades and contours which depend upon their eating and drinking habits. Very few of the people have brilliant white teeth and others are just prone to the surface stains. Your teeth might get discolored or stained with the daily consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes and tobacco products. The calculus and tartar are the main ingredients that affect your teeth in a drastic way. Most of the people suffer from the staining that occurs under the teeth along with the root canal. These stains might be caused by consumption of certain antibiotics or the tiny cracks which gradually keep taking up the stains.

However, with the innovations in technology nowadays, there is a plethora of oral treatments which meet the customer’s requirement. Professional laser teeth whitening treatment is the most prominent way of whitening your teeth. At Fresh teeth whitening, we will answer all your queries and provide you with suitable advice’s for the treatment.

How is it done?
Firstly we will be put a rubber shield around your gums with some gel to protect them. After that, the whitening product is applied on your teeth by using a special tray which completely fits into the mouth just like a mouth-guard. Then a laser light is shone over the teeth surface to start the process. As soon as the ingredient breaks down, oxygen gets into the enamel on your teeth, which results in the lighting of the color of your teeth.

How long it takes?
The complete treatment can usually be got over within 60 minutes. At Fresh teeth whitening in Preston, our expert team will have to make a mouth guard for you according to your oral appearance along with the impressions for it, at the very first appointment. The laser whitening treatment is considered as the safest oral care treatment and it requires the least time to provide you a brilliant result.

What is the procedure?
There are a lot of techniques for the teeth whitening such as laser whitening or power lighting. During this oral care procedure, a rubber dam is placed over your teeth to protect the gums and there after the bleaching product is applied over all your teeth. Following this process, a light is laser is shone over the teeth to activate the chemical applied. The light eventually speeds up the reaction of the whitening abrasives and allows the color to change quite quickly. This technique can make teeth whiter up to even twelve shades.

The wonderful effects of laser teeth whitening can last up to several years to come. At Fresh teeth whitening we offer you after treatment care and professional advices so that you may cherish your bright smile for a longer period of time.

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