Teeth Whitening in Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead – Fresh Whitening

Smile White clinic in Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead – Fresh Whitening

It involves the use of laser and a whitening gel.  The gums are protected by a gum dam and a pre consultation is essential before the treatment can take place. It is popular because of its effectiveness, safety and efficiency. This was once a very expensive procedure that only the rich and famous could attain.

Not anymore laser teeth whitening is now widely for everyone to enjoy available across the UK and at an affordable cost.

Benefits and features of the laser fresh teeth whitening procedure :-

Speed: the whole procedure takes an hour at our Windsor clinic.

Safety: Laser teeth whitening is safe its performed by our professional teeth whitening consultants only.

Consistency: The results are instant, as opposed to other teeth whitening methods.

Our laser fresh teeth whitening services offered at the Windsor clinic by our specialists are also available to the surrounding towns like Slough, Maidenhead, Ascot, Bracknell, Windsor, Eton, Datchet, Clewer Green and 1 hour whitening AscotOld Windsor.

To get that perfect sparkling smile at the comfort of your home or at our clinics nationwide, call 03300 100 326?to book an appointment.


Laser Teeth Whitening THE Fresh way in Berkshire

As for whitening consultants, it is our job to make sure our customers have a positive experience and want to come back for more. We are not like any other teeth whitening company because we don’t use peroxide in our products. It is all completely natural.

There are several service as options for you:

  • Zoom
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Whitening Pens
  • Whitening Strips

Zoom Whitening Berkshire

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a procedure widely used all around the world to fix discolouration of enamel. Discolouration of the teeth can be caused by drinking coffee, red wine, some sodas and even smoking cigarettes. Your teeth can also stain and get darker with age.

How long does it take?

It takes roughly an hour to complete. This consists of three to four whitening sessions which take 15 minutes each. The LED lamp makes this process quicker, so some procedures can be completed within 45 minutes.

How long does it last?

It depends on your diet how long the results will last. Drinking coffee, red wine and soda can stain your teeth quicker. It is not recommended to have this procedure done more than once per year.

Are there any side effects?

Since there is no peroxide in these products, it is very unlikely to get any side effects as there are no harsh chemicals that cause irritation or discomfort.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, but the average price of Zoom Teeth Whitening is around £300. This can be quite expensive, so it is not the most affordable. Due to this, some people may decide to choose other options.

Bleaching Trays Berkshire

What is a Bleaching Tray?

A bleaching tray is designed to fit over the users upper and lower teeth. The user puts whitening gel on the tray and then places it over their teeth. The tray is worn for an amount of time normally a few hours a day or overnight for days or weeks.

Why choose a Bleaching Tray?

If you type of person who likes to do things themselves, then this is the option for you. The product is safe and effective and easy to use. This is also an affordable option for teeth whitening. They are made out of a flexible material, and this is easy to manufacture. On average, bleaching trays cost about £30.


If MONEY IS TIGHT but is wanting that perfect white smile, then this may be the option for you.

Whitening Pens

Whitening pens are the most convenient method of teeth whitening. They are portable and can store them in your bag or pockets and can use it on the go.Teeth get stained with drinking tea, coffee, cola or red wine. It is also possible to get it from smoking cigarettes. Whitening pens fix these stains. It takes just seconds to apply and is pain-free.

Whitening pens are easy to use and remove stains from your teeth almost instantly of using it. You can see results within two days of starting using it.

After you brush your teeth, take off the cap of the pen and twist it until you see gel on the brush. Apply a thin layer to your teeth and make sure your whole tooth is covered. You need to make sure that you don’t rinse out your mouth after you have applied it as it needs to be in contact with your teeth to work.

If you are looking for the most convenient method of keeping your teeth white and having that beautiful smile, then the whitening pen may be the right option for you.

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Whitening Strips

Whitening Strips are easy to use. One treatment consists of two strips. You can wear them when doing other things, so are convenient.

You can expect to see results within seven days, or three days with the more advanced whitening strips. This will vary depending on the person’s teeth discolouration. The effects of the whitening strip won’t last forever. Normally, these results will last between six months and a year

The cost varies, but they cost between $15 to $30 for a kit for a week. This is probably the most affordable option. Whitening strips are more costly than whitening toothpaste though, so depending on your budget, whitening strips could be the option for you.

Some people may find that their teeth can become more sensitive and this can cause some discomfort, but it should disappear within a day or two.



Overall, there are many different methods of teeth whitening.  Depending on your preferences and if you prefer convenience, price or if you prefer to do things by yourself without any supervision, or maybe you prefer to get your teeth whitened by a professional. The choice is yours!

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