Fresh Teeth Whitening Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about the service and results.

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Gavin from Cambridge “I have tried the strips before and they made my teeth sensitive but with Fresh the teeth were fine”

Tundre from Lincolnshire “I chose Fresh as they did the treatment at home and with children that made life a little easier”

Kath from Watford “It only took just over one hour and the results were very good. People at work noticed straight away!”

Tim from Birmingham “I asked if I was going to get guaranteed results and the answer was yes and was shown the shade before the treatment…spot on guys!”

Marg from Brighton “This was much cheaper than Zoom and works as well. Tried Zoom before and was painful”

Sian from Coventry “The change to the tooth colour was instant and noticeable”

Kelly from Northampton “I went to the clinic there and was pleased the results we quick and instant”

Calvin from High Wycombe “Three of us from work went to the clinic after work in an evening and would say it was well worth the money”

Francis from Southampton “My teeth were never white so wasn’t expecting miracles but I went 7 shades lighter and my teeth look much brighter”

Steve from Luton “I heard laser teeth whitening made the teeth sensitive but no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure”

Lisa from Braintree “The clinic was clean and professional”

Dennis from Leicester “As a smoker I was worried how long it would last but 12 months on they still look much brighter”

William from London “I cannot fault the results and convenience having it done at home was brilliant”

Ian from Milton Keynes “We had it done at home one Saturday and found Fresh very good from start to finish and would recommend”
Rob from Oxford “My teeth were much whiter than I was expecting so pleased overall”

Sheila from Reading “I had my teeth whitened in a shopping centre two years and was dissapointed so was really please when Fresh got me such a good results of 6 shades lighter. Not bad for a 50 year old!”

Justin from Swindon “My wife and me had the treatment with good results in the clinic in Swindon”

Sanitra from Kingston “This was my first time whitening and was nervous. Mike from Fresh explained everything to me in detail and then the treatment went perfect”

Diane from Maidenhead “I was concerned that laser was not safe but this was no issue at all and will have It done again at some point”

Dave from Ealing “I can honestly say this was easy. I was expecting it to be painful and uncomfortable but was ok and so quick it was finished all over”

Cassie from Bedfordshire “I had wanted laser whitening for a while found Fresh. Had my whitening done last week with good change to the colour of the teeth”

Frank from Herts “If only everything was as quick as teeth whitening!”

Martha from Newbury “I would like to thank you for a great job and good service.

Stef from Dorset “It was refreshing to get someone to explain how laser works and how to keep the results”

Jim from Harrow “I have forgotten how dark my teeth were before the whitening now”

Kam from Slough “It was quick, pain free and worked for me”

Simon from Nottingham “The big plus for us was having it done at home”

Donna from Northampton “I thought at my age my teeth would never look whiter until I had the treatment with Fresh. Much whiter and cleaner smile now”

Adrian from Leamington Spa “It was easy and affordable to have the teeth whitening done”

Lucy from Windsor “There were four of us and all had good results on the day”

Colin from Salisbury “A complete change to how my teeth now look”

Gregg from Bristol “So much cheaper than my dentist and no need for bleaching trays with Fresh, results were instant”

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